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  • Bitcoin trading platforms have been around for ages at this point. It seems like there are more apps that facilitate crypto trading than you can count.
  • This would be a good thing, except for the fact that all of these trading platforms are the same. Each app follows the same cookie-cutter formula, and as a result, is plagued with the same issues.
  • In particular, these trading apps offer nothing but the ability to buy and sell. It doesn't give the user any additional resources to help them succeed in the Bitcoin world. At Bitcoin Power, we're changing that formula up.

The Bitcoin Power Way

We believe that the purpose of a good trading platform is to not only facilitate the buying and selling of Bitcoin, but to actively help its users make better trades.

We want to help you sharpen up your Bitcoin trading skills, and we want to do that by giving you as little work as possible. The Bitcoin Power system is designed to do all of the market research for you, meaning you can focus on honing your fundamental trading skills.

By taking care of the research, Bitcoin Power gives you the time to focus on your trading strategies. You don't want to be slaving away for hours looking at graphs just to make one trade. It's that every aspect of trading that scares so many potential Bitcoin investors away.

The Bitcoin Power Technology

Bitcoin Power utilizes an algorithm built specifically for this purpose. Not only does our technology read current market signals, but it actively responds to the actions of other users.

You don't have to take our word for it, though. Our signup process is quick and easy, just head on over to our login page.

Bitcoin Power
is Completely Free

The best part about all of this is that Bitcoin Power is completely free of charge. We keep our platform up and running through partnerships we have with various Bitcoin trading marketplaces.

As a result of these partnerships, we're able to offer Bitcoin Power completely free of charge to all users. There are no signup fees, no subscription fees, and absolutely no hidden charges to be concerned about. You get to keep 100% of any money that you deposit into your account. We pride ourselves on accessibility and getting rid of any potential financial barriers to Bitcoin trading is a part of that accessibility.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Power might interest you, but that doesn't mean that you're sold on Bitcoin. That's perfectly okay; deciding to trade Bitcoin isn't exactly a small decision. It means buying into not only a device for you to trade like gold or silver but investing in a philosophy for the future.

You see, the technology involved in Bitcoin isn't just window dressing to hike the price up. It actually presents a massive opportunity for the future of human financials. Up until this point, we have all needed the banks. Think back to even five years ago, the idea of managing your money free from banking interference was unimaginable. To do that, you needed to use a cash system. Needless to say, keeping your life savings under your mattress isn't a very attractive option.

These days, though, you have the ability to keep your financial life completely digital and separate from the banks. The rise of Fintech companies like Revolut means that you have a money managing software that is independent of any major power centers. Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers the people a currency that is independent of any other major superpowers. Bitcoin production isn't controlled by a bank or government. In fact, it's not controlled by a human at all.

Instead, the automated Bitcoin network takes care of every aspect of production. As a result, Bitcoin operates as a totally independent currency that cannot be tracked or traced.

The Bitcoin Creation Process

Understanding how Bitcoin does what it does also means understanding how it's created. The Bitcoin creation process is commonly referred to as mining. In reality, it's actually the payment given for services rendered.

You see, the Bitcoin network works on a node-based blockchain. This means that every aspect of the network is independent. There is no master server. As such, it's up to the efforts of independent people, called miners, to keep the network operational. These miners download a special software onto their devices. This software allows the network to tap into that machine's processing power, therefore adding it to the network.

On top of that, miners also monitor the network so that they can verify transactions. This adds an extra layer of security on top of the already cutting-edge encryption algorithms. In return for these services, the Bitcoin network pays these miners in freshly created Bitcoin units.

Needless to say, this is significantly different from how the euro or the dollar is made.

Bitcoin Power Gives You
the Opportunity to be a Part of the Future

As you can see, Bitcoin is a powerful tool that has massive implications for the future of humanity. By trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Power, you have a chance to be a part of that future.

We're offering you the opportunity to take back your financial anonymity. Every trade and transaction you make through us is encrypted and private. There is no way for anyone but you to see where your money is going. We're able to have you up and trading the same day you register for an account, so don't waste time. Head over to our login page and sign up for an account now!

Bitcoin FAQs

Perhaps you're still not sold. That's okay; plenty of people have plenty of questions they need answered on Bitcoin before they invest. Luckily for you, we've heard all these questions before and decided to organize some of them into a quick guide down below for you.

Is it hard to trade Bitcoin with Bitcoin Power?

Not at all. Our goal was to make Bitcoin trading as easy and accessible as possible. To do that, we've designed a trading algorithm that does all of the research work for you.

You're able to sit back and focus on honing your skills while our system executes trades on your behalf in the background.

Can I withdraw Bitcoin into my bank account?

No, you can't. To withdraw Bitcoin from any trading platform, not just Bitcoin Power, you need what is called a Bitcoin wallet.

Thankfully, Bitcoin wallets are not that expensive or hard to come by. In fact, chances are you already own one.

Bitcoin is code. At the end of the day, that's what the coin is. Code, Bitcoin or not, is stored on a storage device. Therefore, a Bitcoin wallet can be any such storage device.

You could use a USB stick, an external hard drive, or even your phone to store Bitcoin.

The only thing you really need to keep in mind is the two different types of Bitcoin wallets.

The first type is hot wallets. These wallets are always connected to the internet. As a result, it is incredibly easy to move money to and from them, making them the most commonly used type.

The second type is known as cold wallets. These wallets do not maintain a constant internet connection. These are less convenient for day to day use but more secure than hot wallets. As a result, these wallets are typically used by long-term traders.

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