About Us

The Beginning

It's been a long road to get Bitcoin Power to where it is now. It started off as a simple observation. Our founder had been a cryptocurrency enthusiast since Bitcoin first made an appearance in 2009.

Over the years, specifically during the 2017 boom, he noticed that more and more Bitcoin trading apps were popping up. He also noticed that all of these trading platforms were more or fewer clones of one another. There were hundreds of platforms, all claiming to be the "next big thing," but all of them were reusing the same assets and code. It was just a cash grab from developers that knew next to nothing about Bitcoin.

He noticed that this presented a massive opportunity for a true Bitcoin trading platform that was able to back up the claims that were being made. Rather than just sitting on this idea, he decided to do something about it. He had the Bitcoin knowledge to make a platform like this a success, but he didn't have the technical prowess to actually developed a system like that. Given that he had been one of the early Bitcoin investors that were able to ride the 2017 boom, he had the funds to hire those that did have that technical prowess.


He put out a call for developers. There were plenty of interested parties, but only a few made the cut. He was looking for those that not only knew about coding and algorithm creation but also had an active interest in Bitcoin and what it could do for people.

Once the field was whittled down to a handful of prospects, the developers were brought on board, and the founding Bitcoin Power team was created. The first thing that needed to be done was the creation of the website platform. Having world-class trading software was useless without the foundations from which it could be run.

Given that the market research was what led to the Bitcoin Power idea in the first place, development began right away. The Bitcoin Power app was developed from the ground up. Everything from the website layout to the UI is all completely homebrewed. Every tiny aspect of the site was crafted and selected with a level of nuance and care that every other Bitcoin trading platform on the market lacked. As a result, Bitcoin Power grew to be the perfect starting point for any potential investors looking to trade Bitcoin. This eventually shaped what Bitcoin Power would become.

The Bitcoin Power Algorithm

With the platform created, the team got to work on the trading algorithm. This was a challenge the likes of which no one on the team had ever encountered. Building up an advanced AI to execute real money trades was a serious undertaking, and the development timeframe reflected that.

It took months to get the system barely off of its feet. Countless hours were wasted away trying new ideas. Every time the team made a breakthrough of some sort, something else would go wrong that would set the whole project back. Things began to seem hopeless until a sudden ingenious idea came to light. Rather than just using a numerical formula, the team had the idea to look at the activity of humans in the Bitcoin market.

This brought a whole new dimension to Bitcoin trading. It's this dimension that allowed Bitcoin Power to grow into such a trading powerhouse. After a few more months, a prototype of the algorithm was finished and ready to go. After a bit of integration with the platform, we had our first working version of Bitcoin Power.

Right Now

Needless to say, we weren't done there. Several more months of upgrading and polishing work took place before we were ready for a public launch. The team persisted, though, which takes us up to the point that we're at now.

Bitcoin Power is firing on all cylinders, and already we've seen countless traders take advantage of the platform to great success.

Our community is growing every day. This has inspired us to keep working into the future. Even though Bitcoin Power is working as we intended it to, we've decided to continue our development support.

We want to give as many people as possible the ability to start trading Bitcoin. Part of that goal is ongoing support. The team is incredibly excited about what the future holds. The growth of Bitcoin Power is the growth of Bitcoin, and the bigger Bitcoin grows, the closer we are to true financial freedom. We want you to be a part of the future that we're envisioning.